Why Buy SEO Leads From Us?


At the SEOLeads.me our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality and converting prospects available.

Our leads are 100% unique so you do not have to look over your shoulder for someone trying to undercut your rates.

Furthermore, each lead is generated from a real contact between one of our team members and a genuine business owner. These business owners finish a survey which verifies that the business owner wants their website ranked on the first page of Google.

Each lead comes with a name, phone number and confirmation from the business owner that they want their website to be on the first page of Google and are willing to move forward. Our exclusive leads are 24-72 hours old at the very most.

Buy SEO Leads and Make a Great Return

Why Should You Get SEO Leads?


Unlike most companies that sell SEO leads , our leads are actually contacted and spoken to on the phone by one of our team members prior to handing over to you to close. Furthermore, it is confirmed with the business owner that they have a marketing budget, want their website to be on the 1st page of Google.

So look at is this way. If you were to buy SEO leads @ 25 for $325, you would only need to sell one $325/month SEO plan to break even after the first month. Of course, everyone knows that SEO takes several months to take effect which means that you will be working on this client’s project for more than just a single month. Therefore, after just a three (3) month campaign with this client you would make a $650 profit. Keep in mind that this is just one (1) client.

Imagine if you closed four (4) clients (still a low close rate) at $325/month.  After just three (3) months you would be looking at a $3,575 profit.

The numbers speak for themselves, which is why when you buy SEO leads you can earn thousands of dollars after a minimal investment.