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MLM Leads – 6 Steps To A Breakthrough SEO Strategy For Endless Traffic

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If you haven’t heard of Charles Heflin’s, then your brain will probably fry from all the information on generating traffic.

But a new free report shows a strategy that combines Pay-Per-Click and SEO together to beat other websites competing for the top rankings in Google’s search engine results.

And it’s no brain surgery.

In his free report “The Plan”, Charles Heflin gives a step-by-step guide to his “PPC/SEO Success Formula” that will allow you to dominate the search engines.

Here’s a step-by-step break down of the strategy:

1.Create a landing page that is centered on the broadest keyword that is related to your business. For example, you may pick the keyword “MLM”. You’ll also want to include synonymous keywords on that page (“business opportunity”, “network marketing”, etc.).

2.Set up tracking for your webpage. You can use Google Analytics, and “conversion tracking” on your Google AdWords account.

3.Set up a temporary AdWords campaign on Google, and bid on the broad keyword that you picked related to your business webpage. Place the link to your webpage on your ad.

4.Run the pay-per-click campaign on AdWords for at least 24 hours, or until you have enough traffic to know exactly which specific keywords generate the most traffic.

5. Evaluate your “effective PPC keywords”. After running your broad campaign for at least 24 hours, you’ll get a good idea of which keywords people used to arrive at your site and opt-in.

If you’ve set up your conversion tracking correctly (step 2), then you’ll know exactly which keywords work best.

6.Start categorizing your “effective PPC keywords” into their own silos on your website.

For example, you may find that “MLM Opportunity” is a keyword that’s generating traffic and leads for you. You’ll then want to create a silo structured website, in which one of your “silos” is centered on the keyword “MLM Opportunity”.

You can then create more ad groups on your AdWords campaign using these effective keywords to find longer tailed keywords that produce results. You’ll get an idea of how to title your silos, so people searching on Google will quickly find your website.

The goal is to set up a Silo structured website, which Google absolutely loves and will rank high on the search index. A well silo structured website is easy to create, and will earn you top spots on search engines every time.

Charles Heflin refers to effective keywords as your “money keywords”. Using these keywords in your silos will produce opt-ins, leads, and more money for you.

It’s a powerful strategy for free leads in a highly competitive market. You can learn more about it in detail through Heflin’s website. (He’s currently offering a training course for FREE).

Google Search Engine Positioning Services

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technical term used to explain the code and web host optimization efforts that facilitate search engine organic rank. The term “organic rank” refers to a company website’s natural index rank when a user types in keywords that relate to the company’s product. Ideally, the company wants the search engines to show the company website link in the first page in the results pages. Since this is foreign to many small and large businesses, a search engine positioning service provides these optimization features at a cost.

Search Engine Positioning Services

Since Google organic rank can bring in thousands of potential customers, search engine position service firms have made a business of promising high positions in search engine results pages. The SEO business is highly competitive, and companies can pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month. However, poor SEO companies have plagued the industry, and many companies take small business money, promise results and cannot produce. It is important to research before choosing an SEO company — especially the cheapest one available — to avoid Google penalties and loss in organic rank

Choosing an SEO Firm

One basic rule when searching for the right SEO company is that none of them can promise a certain Google rank. Google provides website owners with several search engine optimization tips. The first step in determining the right search engine positioning firm is doing searches for the SEO website. Does the SEO company rank high? Who are the company clients? Do the client’s websites rank high in the index? Check out the website content. Is the content well written, or does it seem like it is spun from software? Poor content can lead to poor organic search results.

Red Flags for SEO Firms

Many search engine position services offer spamming, article spinning and other poor performing answers to SEO. Avoid websites that promise link building or rent space for links every month. Some SEO firms focus on content spinning and submitting articles. A good search engine positioning service focuses on the company content and code rather than spamming blog comments and renting backlink space. Do not hire any SEO firm that promises a Google rank. The Google algorithm changes hundreds of times each year, so it is impossible to promise an organic rank that will last more than a short period of time.

Online Advertisement and Performance

For the best click-through results, some money can be allocated for online advertising. Google offers Adwords, which means the company pays for links on Google search result pages or on the Google Content network. Getting approved for AdWords accounts is straightforward. Some SEO firms may also offer to help with Adwords placement, but this is also a costly management factor when promoting an online website. Adwords placement greatly depends on the campaign and website landing page. The focused keywords and landing page quality greatly affect the cost for the company. Choose a search engine position service that has the Google Adwords certification.

Boulder SEO Marketing and BrightInfo To Present How To Increase Organic Search Traffic and Convert Website Visitors to Leads In Complimentary Webinar

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Superior, CO (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

Boulder SEO Marketing, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO training and consulting, has teamed up with BrightInfo, a web content recommendation engine, to present an April 24, 2014 webinar on how to increase organic search traffic and how to convert website visitors to leads. Additional information and registration are available at:

Chris Raulf, founder and search engine optimization training expert at Boulder SEO Marketing notes, “SEO and a clearly defined content marketing strategy are some of the most effective ways to drive qualified visitors to a website.” He adds: “Our search engine optimization methodology is based on five core pillars and has proven to increase organic search traffic between 50-200% within 4-6 months but it is also a fact that an increase in website traffic is only half the battle; a website needs to be able to convert site visitors to leads.”

According to research, online visitors attention span has been declining in recent years and website bounce rates have increased by an alarming rate. Boaz Grinvald, founder and CEO at BrightInfo, notes, “If you want to engage with your website visitors and keep them on your site, you need to offer them the right content very quickly. BrightInfo Cloud solution automatically and immediately increases online conversion by up to 80% and is up and running in minutes.”

In this 45-minute webinar, Grinvald and Raulf will present how to improve organic search traffic from Google and other search engines while reducing bounce rates from landing pages, engaging with departing visitors at the door, and how to convert website visitors to leads.

About BrightInfo (

BrightInfo offers a powerful web content recommendation engine that turns anonymous visitors into known marketing leads, with virtually no manual effort. Leveraging existing online marketing materials, the engine dynamically delivers relevant content to each individual at the right time, based on the preferences and behaviors of individual website visitors. BrightInfo’s recommendation engine has been proven to help marketers increase leads by an average of 39% while also reducing the acquisition cost per lead. With an optimized solution for corporate websites, blogs and landing pages the recommendations are made at all key entry points into the site.

About Boulder SEO Marketing (

Boulder SEO Marketing assists businesses around the globe with all of their search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media and content marketing training and consulting needs. Our goal is to empower small and medium sized businesses to be able to plan and execute a scaled, successful, SEO and social media campaign that will increase a company’s visibility in search engine listings and help drive qualified leads to their website.

How Digital Marketing Can Improve A Website's Visibility In Today's Fierce Environment

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The world is fast entering into an innovative digitalized world and it is a wonderful phenomenon. Take the best example of the internet, which has revolutionized almost every global industry and still aims at facilitating people to cater the various needs successfully at every inch. However, if you run a business online but are disappointed to see your business does not deliver the results as expected then it is time to turn to digital marketing and see for yourself how effectively this marketing technique can zoom your business sales and leads. No matter how competitive your industry is, digital marketing is just the ticket in this digitalized era to remedy all the bad issues your website is facing. It again has the potency to drive your target audiences to your website and turning them into clients sooner or later.

Digital marketing is an innovative approach and is dramatically changing the business attitude and style nowadays. Any digital marketing company specializing in a business and looking to offer the services/product to their clients must get used to the innovative tools and techniques. The ever-growing technology is assuring to update the digital marketing world. That is why it is worthwhile for every businessperson to keep a close eye on the changes being updated. As with every businessperson who pines for keeping the flow of customers to their websites, it is a must for them to make their businesses more synergistic and interesting for their target audience so that they can tend to exploit the various digital marketing platforms.
Also while Google is mostly sought after by web users, searching anything is just only a few clicks away and incidentally today people are more focused on the obtained results. If your website ranges within the top 10 search results of Google, the odds are very high that your website will have improved page ranking or visibility. In order to suffice the same purport, SEO or professional Search Engine Optimization has already been around and is fortunately a tried and trusted digital technique opted for by innumerous webmasters. There is a fierce competition going on between webmasters of every website to include their website in the top ten search engine result pages of Google. In fact, every second, thousands of products are released whilst creation of millions of websites is also done. Every webmaster is avid to market the products/service his/her website offers and to meet the vision seamlessly, they tend to hire a professional SEO company. SEO is a versatile technique that solely aims to promote a website by dint of write-ups and other promotional items in order to make it more and more searchable.

SEO technique is a compilation of a variety of services that work instrumentally in giving the website an improved exposure of recognition and visibility amidst search engines and target audiences. This eventually results in driving improved traffic to the website and grabs the attention of the potential customers to the brand’s product thus to give a business total success. Looking at the multiple benefits of SEO, lots and lots of webmasters tend to pick out organic search engine optimization services. As a cardinal element of digital marketing, SEO technique guarantees to exceed the expectations of your business thus setting you as a leader within the industry.

Free Leads Using Google SEO

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Attracting high caliber, high value leads from Google

SEO is a very powerful strategy, and if you do it right, you can automate your business, and your business keeps running pretty much on its own, even when you are on a vacation or when you are sleeping at night. Okay, let’s get started.

SEO is a traffic strategy to achieve higher search rankings on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc. As you know, people search for what they want on Google, and Google returns the results for their search criteria. Google shows the search results according to some rules and regulations they have, and the keywords specified. If you know about their rules, and how to use them to your advantage, you can have your landing page shown on top of the search results. Once you do this, people searching for a business opportunity that matches yours according to their keywords and Google’s rules, they will get to know about you, and your business, and if they decide that it is beneficial to them, they will join your business.

Some of the benefits of SEO are:

  • Free targeted traffic to your web site
  • Free ongoing leads, traffic, and customers
  • Millions of dollars in free traffic available
  • Difficult for competition to compete with you

When you search for something on Google, you get a screen that has two major parts to it:

  • The right hand side of the screen, which is where the results for the Google AdSense appears. This is a paid advertising strategy through which you can find a lot of leads. You would have to pay per click to use this service from Google, and so it is called, “PPC”
  • The left hand side of the screen, which is called the organic search results. This is where Google shows you the results for the pages they have indexed in their directories, and it’s free of cost. The pages those links point to, have not paid for this service at all. The purpose of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to get Google to show your blog in those search engine results that are available to you if you know SEO.

Researchers have studied human eye attention area on a computer screen, and they have found that the upper left hand side corner of the screen is the area that gets the most attention when somebody looks at a computer screen, and that is the free service that Google offers- SEO. Since people might misuse this free service if they knew about Google’s algorithm of showing web search results, even Google employees do not know how the search engine exactly works. But there are a few points that if you know them, you can have your page/blog/website shown on the first page over time.

Let’s go through some of the characteristics of PPC, and SEO, and compare them to each other. Here are some of the characteristics of PPC:

  • PPC costs money- $0.03- $10.00 per click
  • PPC needs ongoing maintenance
  • Others can knock you off of the first ranking simply by paying more than you do
  • You could get instant traffic through PPC
  • PPC forces you to optimize for conversions because you actually have to pay for it

And here are some of the characteristics of SEO:

  • Traffic through SEO is free, and you could rank for high value keywords.
  • It’s difficult for others to overtake your position since they need to know SEO better than you, and that is what most of the marketers don’t really know.
  • Through SEO, you would get passive ongoing traffic, but it takes some time to build your campaign.
  • You would not have immediate results, but the results last for a relatively longer time or even for a lifetime.
  • You would generally get more traffic through SEO than you would get through PPC.

There are three parts to SEO that if you learn them, and do them diligently and consistently, you will get the results in a short amount of time relatively depending upon how you apply them, and how consistent you are. They are as follows:

  • Your keywords
  • You should research your keywords, and find the keywords that actually convert for you. You also need to understand the intent behind the typical keywords that people use to search for the information they are looking for. You want to focus on the keywords that convert into traffic, leads, and money for you. The 80/20 rule for keywords is that only 20% of the market keywords will convert. If you find a handful of the 20%, you will dominate your market

  • The content of your web log
  • The content of your blog/site is very important in that, the search engines determine how important and informative your blog is based on their criteria. You should be very careful about your content, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and your blog organization. Google considers those who search for information as their customers. They want to serve them in the best way they can. So Google pays close attention to giving their customers exactly what they are looking for. If someone went to Google, searched for something, and got the results not relative to what they searched for, they would probably not go back to Google for searching for anything again, if that happened a couple of times.

  • Links from other blogs
  • Incoming links from other blogs/web sites are also very important. Google has to make sure that the link has come from a blog/site that has similar content as there is in your site, and also the ranking of the referring blog is important. Also you should use the relevant anchor text to link to the content in your blog. “Anchor Text” is the text that is used in the body of the link. It is actually what you see, read, and click on, when you want to go to some other page. The link should point to what it is supposed to refer to, according to the meaning of the text in the link.

There are different levels of SEO:

  • Rank for your name
  • When people find their way to your landing page, and they want to buy from you, they definitely will search for your name. They want to know who you are, and what you have been doing online. They want to know what kind of person they are going to work with. So you definitely want to let them know that you are a real person, and you have something to give them, teach them, or they can solve at least one of their problems through you. Build your online presence.

  • Rank for company/People’s names
  • Rank for generic industry terms

If you use SEO to promote your business, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Do not write any negative content.
  • Do not bash anyone.
  • Be helpful, and add value to people.
  • Write constructive reviews.
  • Comment on news, rumors, or gossip in your industry.
  • Do your research, and be intelligent about the comments and keywords you use to promote your business.

When you write content, keep the following points in mind:

  • Do not promote your opportunity.
  • Do not be biased; be objective.
  • Your goal is to be an information center.

In regards to generating leads, the following points may help you:

  • Have an opt-in box in your side bar and make a compelling offer.
  • Or simply place a banner in your sidebar to your capture page.

What we have covered so far was the mindset behind SEO. Now we are going to cover some technical aspects of SEO:

The content that you use in your blog, and the way you organize it, are very important in your page ranking with regards to Google. The following points are of great importance:

  • Use your keywords in Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Header Tags, and Your Articles/ Content.
  • Do not spam as it will not help you. Try to spread your keyword out all over your content, and use a variety of them.

On organizing your blog, it is important to know that when you organize your blog properly, it is much easier for Google, as well as your readers to find the information they are looking for. Think of your whole blog/web site as a compartment you use to keep the different folders containing your bills. You would not mix your bills all together, or put a mortgage bill in the category that was related to your “electric bills” You want to have categories, and then sub-categories, that would break the information to digestible pieces, so people can find their way easily through your blog. Also if you do that, it is easier for Google to decide what your blog is all about, and rank it accordingly.

On linking to your blog/web site, pay attention to the following:

  • Create as many inbound links to your blog as you can. Think of links as votes your blog as an entity gets. The more votes an entity gets, the more credibility it has among those who know them, which in this case, would be Google. When Google realizes that you have many links to your blog, they decide that your blog/web site is important to others, simply because they have linked to it, and so they will rank it much higher in their own ranking system.
  • Google wants to know if you trade links with other blogs/sites, or it is just that other blogs link to your blog.

    If a blog links to yours, and you link back to that blog, which is called a “reciprocal link”, you will still be ranked higher, but it is always better to have only inbound links from other blogs wherever possible.

  • Google puts weight on the quality of the link. They decide according to the following criteria:
  • Where is the link coming from? Social Media web sites, other blogs, article directories, etc.

    Where is the link pointing to?

    Is the link relevant to the page it points to?

I hope you have found something of value in this article. Thank you for your attention. to Launch a Custom PPC Ads Package for Small Businesses and Affiliate Marketers with Limited Marketing Funds

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New York, NY (PRWEB) July 12, 2014, a leading pay per click network and Google Adwords alternative, has confirmed that it is working on a new custom ads package designed to target small businesses looking to make the most out of online advertising without having to spend a lot of money in the process. It is going to help the affiliate marketing industry and local small businesses to grow their business on limited funds.

According to a statement released by, the new package is expected to be launched in August 2014 and will offer a great opportunity for small businesses to employ a proven ads expert for significantly reduced costs. In addition to this, the company has noted that online advertising is becoming an integral part of any business looking to expand and improve profitability. Based on this fact, it is only fair to open its doors and its expertise in online advertising to businesses who, based on their financial situation, may not be in a position to access such advertising services anywhere else. It will be great not just for affiliate marketers but local small business owners who can easily set up their PPC campaigns on daily basis and funnel sales to their offline and online stores.

According to analysts and observers who have been following these recent developments, the proposed launch of new custom ads services for small businesses will for sure make a major stop in the coming years. The company will be looking at the prospect of rapidly expanding its customer base and along with that, maintains that the primary goal of the proposed custom ads services for small businesses is to help emerging enterprises realize their full potential through low cost advertisements online.

According to insiders within the custom services are expected to have a number of specific features. To begin with, the cost will be significantly reduced owing to the fact that the service will be geared towards small scale businesses who, for one reason or another, may lack the necessary financial muscle to compete with other bigger competitors. Secondly, is looking to deliver niche specific ads campaigns that specifically target potential customers of each and every small enterprise. Affiliate marketers will have another source to promote their clickbank affiliate product links. Local businesses will have the best targeted SEO leads generation PPC platform.

BreezeAds has the latest contextual and audience traffic abilities available in the pay per click industry. But the team is aiming to grow its industry standard with real time bidding RTB and programmatic media buying. has assured current and future customers that the custom packages will be launched officially on its website. Online advertising is becoming a necessity for success for many businesses and the need to find a consultant with experience and all rounded expertise in this field is indeed well emphasized. For more information on how businesses can benefit with, please feel free to visit today.

About is a high profile online PPC network advertisement company that has helped a lot of businesses and online marketers build their brands through comprehensive and quality ad campaigns. The provider is one of the most sought after entity in the market and has since grown to become an industry leader. For more information on its services and how businesses can work with its team please visit

Company Details

15 Vanderbilt Ave

New York, NY

Phone #: +359 888 419 848

SEO Junkies to Exhibit at TFM&A China 2010.

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Wokingham, United Kingdom, October 17, 2010 –(– New

websites are being created every day, each trying to grab your attention

and often to try and get you to part with your cash for one of their

services. It’s all well and good getting the website designed,

developed and live but many companies often neglect to think about what

happens after that. You need to make sure that people know about your

brand new website and ensure that the people who need your services find

your website straight away. This is where search engine optimisation Noun 1. optimisation – the act of rendering optimal; “the simultaneous optimization of growth and profitability”; “in an optimization problem we seek values of the variables that lead to an optimal value of the function that is to be optimized”; “to promote the  comes in as the techniques used on your site seek to improve your search

engine rankings for certain keyword phrases.

At the TFM&A China 2010 show, companies from around the world

exhibit their services to show how they can benefit your business.

TFM&A China (the Technology for Marketing & Advertising show)

will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on 27th and 28th October at the

Shanghai Shanghai (shăng`hī`, shäng`hī`), city (1994 est. pop. 12,980,000), in, but independent of, Jiangsu prov., E China, on the Huangpu (Whangpoo) River where it flows into the Chang (Yangtze) estuary.  Pudong Expo. TFMA TFMA Taiwan Flour Mills Association
TFMA Tapered Folded Monopole Antenna  China exhibits some of the most talented and

qualified companies in a variety of different aspects of marketing

solutions, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) An integrated information system that is used to plan, schedule and control the presales and postsales activities in an organization. , data marketing analytics and online advertising.

Visitors to the exhibition will have access to 5 theatres each with a

different theme covering digital marketing, online advertising, CRM and

data marketing analytics. Although it does cover these markets the show

doesn’t just focus on exhibitions and business but also in

education and training as there will be 24 free seminars, daily keynotes

and dedicated pavilions.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimizer) See search engine optimization.  Junkies are proud to announce that they will be exhibiting at

this fantastic show and will be available to take any questions that you

may have regarding search engine optimisation, pay per click

advertising, direct email and other online marketing strategies. Their

years of experience have lead them to become SEO specialists, achieving

some fantastic results for their wide range of clients.

Their SEO specialists will be there to give you valuable pieces of

advice in order to explain you how we can help your website gain

authority and move up the search engine rankings.

If you are looking for an expert SEO company or you need more

information about search engine optimisation come to the TFM&A China

2010 and meet them at Shanghai Pudong Exhibition Center, they will be at

stand 9.


Contact Information:

Seo Junkies

Diane Forster

0845 373 0595

Blog Marketing Strategies: Make the Most of SEO

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When I first started my blog, I placed a great deal of primacy on producing content that I found informative or interesting. While doing this is important, I now realize that successfully marketing a blog is contingent upon more than content. Another factor that is important is getting high rankings in the search engines. This is done through SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. And what is SEO exactly? Search Engine Land defines SEO as “the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines.” The higher you rank in the search engines, the more visible your blog post is to viewers. This translates into a greater likelihood of people viewing your page. Once you recognize the importance of SEO, it is important that you begin implementing SEO strategies so that you can market your blog more effectively. Here are two tricks that will result in an SEO-optimized blog post:

1. Use Internal Links.

Internal links are the links that take your blog post from one page of your blog domain to another page from the same domain. The internal links help your reader navigate from the original blog post they read to other relevant pages of your blog. Additionally, internal links allow the search bots to recognize additional pages in your blog and subsequently list them in the indices. In discussing the importance of internal links, notes that “On an individual page, search engines need to see content in order to list pages in their massive keyword-based indices.” In short, using internal links in your blog post puts you in the search engine and makes more than one page of your blog searchable.

2. Use External Links.

While internal links are links that go from page to page within your blog, outbound links take the reader to an entirely different domain. And they are important for SEO. Why? Because they help the search engine understand what your niche is. For example, if you write a political blog (like me) and link to an article written about politics, the search engine has a greater understanding of the fact that your content is indigenously political. To be even more plain, the external link helps the search engine more accurately categorize what your content is about and index it accordingly. This means that the people truly interested in the information you are discussing will be drawn to your blog. (External links are also important because-when you choose authoritative sources-your own work often becomes more authoritative in the mind of the reader.)

An Example of the Internal Link/External Link Principle

To fully understand how the internal link/external link principle will actually look in your blog post, take a look at my SEO-optimized blog post. In it, I have links to other blog posts within my blog. I also have an external link from a very reputable site,


The internal link/external link principle is not the only one you should implement for SEO optimization. Others include the conscious avoidance of keyword stuffing and keeping the same domain for your blog. By implementing these SEO strategies, you will likely find that your blog ranks higher in the search engines. Good luck!

More Articles About Blogging:

Blogging 101: Dispelling Myths About the Blogosphere

Boulder SEO Marketing and Integrated Alliances Announce April 3 Webinar on LinkedIn Optimization, SEO, and Branding

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Boulder, Colorado (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

Boulder SEO Marketing, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO training and consulting, announced today that it has teamed up with Lori Ruff and Mike O’Neil of Integrated Alliances to present a complimentary webinar on using LinkedIn as a lead generation, branding, and search engine optimization (SEO) tool to boost sales.

Lori Ruff, CEO at Integrated Alliances, stated, “LinkedIn is the most powerful media to a company’s potential revenues.” She adds, “Nearly 45% of LinkedIn users are business decision makers and LinkedIn can help increase sales and grow a business; now is the time to gain the skills needed to take advantage of this great tool.”

The complimentary webinar will be held on Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 11 am MDT. Participants will walk away knowing the basics of growing their business with LinkedIn, using LinkedIn as a branding tool, using it to find quality leads, and much more. Registration and additional information are available at:

“This 45-minute webinar educates business owners, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in learning how to use LinkedIn as a catalyst to improve the bottom line,” notes Chris Raulf, owner of Boulder SEO Marketing. He adds, “Attendees will gain valuable information on how to use LinkedIn as a means to take their brand to the next level and how to increase their visibility in search engines.”

Boulder SEO Marketing also announces that it has teamed up with Integrated Alliances to host two full-day SEO and digital marketing workshops in Boulder and Denver this April 8 and 29:

About Integrated Alliances (

Integrated Alliances is the world’s first-ever LinkedIn training organization dating back to 2006, with a packed house at the University of Denver. Now a world leader in the LinkedIn & Social Media world, IA caters to the B2B business community by providing LinkedIn & Social Media consulting, speaking, training, and strategic planning packages. It is led by Mike O’Neil & Lori Ruff, both on the coveted LinkedIn Top 50 Most Connected List and the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer list. Corporate LinkedIn Sales Training Programs are optimized for both mid-market and large, distributed sales forces and programs include on-site Workshops or Webinars. For additional information, visit, call 303-683-9600 or email training(at)IntegratedAlliances(dot)com.

About Boulder SEO Marketing (

Boulder SEO Marketing assists businesses around the globe with all of their search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media and content marketing training and consulting needs. Our goal is to empower small and medium sized businesses to be able to plan and execute a scaled, successful, SEO and social media campaign that will increase a company’s visibility in search engine listings and help drive qualified leads to their website.